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Adam is a composer for video games, mixing engineer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Manchester, UK. Adam gained his MA in Music and Audiovisual Media (Distinction) and BA (Hons) in Music and Technology (First Class Honours) from University of Liverpool. He specialises in music for sci-fi and fantasy games and adaptive music, having experience in both game-engine implementation and digital orchestration.

From learning classic video game pieces on piano at an early age, to studying music both theoretically and practically throughout school and sixth form, Adam developed deep passions for video game music, progressive rock and ambient music while expanding his creative skillset. These passions lead him to study on both the BA Music and Technology (First Class Honours), and MA Music and Audiovisual Media courses at the University of Liverpool, enriching his compositional, performative, and mixing skills.


Through these courses, work with his rock band ‘King Liar’, and independent composing, Adam additionally gained greater technical expertise over digital audio workstations (Logic Pro and ProTools), game-music software (FMOD Studio, Unity, Unreal Engine) and studio-based physical recording. He is experienced in the full workflow from composition to game-engine implementation and with styles ranging from rock and electronic to ambient and orchestral. He has previously finished two larger games music portfolios for his studies, focussing on sci-fi/fantasy scores, and is currently working on his final master’s portfolio.

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