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Composer for Video GamesMixing EngineerGuitarist/Pianist 

Adam is a composer for video games, mixing engineer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Manchester, UK. Adam gained his MA in Music and Audiovisual Media (Distinction) and BA (Hons) in Music and Technology (First Class Honours) from University of Liverpool. He specialises in music for sci-fi and fantasy games and adaptive music, having experience in both game-engine implementation and digital orchestration.


The Path To Carcosa Underscore

This project features fixed tracks from my adaptive underscore for the 'Path to Carcosa' campaign for 'Arkham Horror: The Card Game', based on the works of Robert W. Chambers.. I really wanted to strike a balance between haunting and horrifying with this soundtrack, utilising piano and cello as focal instruments and incorporating off-kilter jazz harmonies with dark ambient soundscapes to set the tone for the surreal exploration of madness. 

Art: "Yellow Sign IV" by Ghostexit

Stormlight Archive Project

This project is a score for a theoretical fantasy RPG based on Brandon Sanderson's "The Stormlight Archive" book series, largely the first volume entitled "The Way of Kings". Using concept art, fan art and the lore of the world as inspirations, I composed three pieces for connecting locations in the world, two of which have adaptive qualities as shown by the variants below. I tried to incorporate the narrative of each area into the music to create an especially immersive experience for the player.

Art: "Chasm Duty" by Johanna Rupprecht

BA RPG Project

This album is selection of tracks from my final year undergraduate independent project; a score for a fantasy open-world game featuring four locations (Forest, Volcano, Mountain, and Tomb) each including adaptive qualities. These tracks have been enhanced and updated from the original, but the full original project, including the FMOD project and additional tracks, can be found using this link.

Art: Assorted screenshots from "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild"


King Liar

These are a selection of tracks from "King Liar", an alternative/progressive rock band for which I have composed, recorded, mixed, and produced for several years. 

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